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Beatles Unplugged a The Bits-szel

  • Belépő:Elővételben akciósan 1200 HUF
  • Kezdés:20:30

Beatles Unplugged a The Bits-szel – Muzikum

Mindig gondolunk a szilveszterkor elfáradt fülekre és lábakra és hagyományosan akusztikus felfogásban, Beatles Unplugged műsorral indítjuk az évet. A tavalyi dupla teltház és a koncert ültetett mivolta miatt korlátozottak a férőhelyek, ezért a jegyek elővételben való megvásárlása erősen ajánlott!

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A unique night where both the band and audience will be seated for an exclusive and interactive unplugged concert with tales and stories and a great selection of acoustic Beatles songs.

The „unplugged” way of presenting music is not only unique because both the musicians and their instruments are released from the amplifiers and all the electric stuff, but due to the new acoustic touch not only the sound but also the tracks come along in a new interpreting, very often with new grooves, structure or timing. Unplugged is also a unique way to bring the musicians and the audience closer in space with lot more communication and a familiar atmosphere.

Secure your attendance with pre-sales tickets. Pre-sales tickets with discount are already available online for HUF 1.200 until the day before the show. Tickets on show day at entrance cost HUF 1.700

Tickets are available online:

Muzikum Klub & Bisztró
1088 Budapest, Múzeum u. 7.